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Find the best wine facts in an instant

The latest development on wine-lister.com enables you to see the four most interesting nuggets of information about more than 2,000 of the world’s finest wines at a single glance. Simply search for and click on the wine you want to explore, such as Yquem or Ornellaia, and scroll down to Data Driven Analytics.

An algorithm sifts through Wine Lister’s vast database, asking 37 different types of question for each wine in order to identify its most remarkable facts. These are split into four groups: first production data, and then each of the three Wine Lister rating categories – Quality, Brand, and Economics.


The range of questions asked produces different data nuggets for each wine. For example, the Quality analytics for Château d’Yquem references its longevity, whereas for Tenuta dell’Ornellaia the result relates to the average critics’ score.


Explore this feature at wine-lister.com (and look up the most remarkable facts on one of your favourite wines, or see if you can find the top three most sought-after wines, for example).

Yquem 2014 released

Yesterday, Monday 19th September, saw the release of Château d’Yquem 2014 – the vintage with the highest Quality score in 10 years.

Drawing on the wealth of information in the Wine Lister database, as well as the views of some of the trade’s key players, we put together a collection of extraordinary facts and figures about this iconic sweet wine:


You can download the slide here: yquem-2014-slide

Recency weighting update to wine scores

We have updated our scoring algorithm to remove the impact of very old vintages on wine-level attributes and scores.  Our wine-level score is an overall score for a wine computed from both wine attributes such as search frequency for a cru (regardless of vintage), and its individual vintage data, e.g. critic ratings or price performance.

For data that exists by vintage, the equivalent wine-level attribute is calculated by taking an average across vintages, which is then used to compute a score at wine level.

Prior to the update, data from all vintages of a wine would be incorporated into the wine level average and, although vintages were weighted such that more recent vintages had a greater influence (recency weighting), we still found that very old vintages were disproportionately impacting our results.

Château d’Yquem serves as an extreme illustration of this phenomenon:



Prior to the update, Château d’Yquem’s average price (incorporating all vintages) was £712 per bottle, which was heavily skewed by very old vintages with very high prices. These vintages are rarely traded or tasted, and as such should not influence the wine-level average and corresponding wine scores.

As of today, we have updated our recency weighting across all criteria to exclude vintages over 30 years old from the wine-level average. Following the update, our average price for Château d’Yquem is £170 per bottle – a considerable reduction, and a much fairer representation of actual trade price expectations.