Why Bordeaux is still to be reckoned with

In recent years Bordeaux has been subject to “Bordeaux Bashing”. Commentators decried excessive pricing, and made much of other regions rivalling Bordeaux in popularity terms. However, the chart below, taken from our study “Bordeaux – Reasons to hope”, tells a different story.

We compared the popularity of five top wine-producing regions based on the number of online searches on the world’s most visited wine site, Wine-Searcher, thanks to our unique data partnership allowing us to provide a unique insight into a wine’s overall popularity and desirability.

The 100 most consulted Bordeaux crus were searched for around five times more than the top 100 crus in other regions. Even when you combine searches for wines by producer, to account for regions where each producer makes significantly more cuvées than in Bordeaux, and instead take the 100 most searched-for producers from each region, Bordeaux is still almost three times more popular in search terms. That should give Bordeaux one concrete reason to hope.

To learn of others, read the complete report by clicking on the link below. If you are not a subscriber yet, why not try a 14-day free trial?

Search freq appellations.png

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